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Building Global Relationships

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Strategic Planning, Business Development and Media Relations

Ruperez International offers support to firms looking to invest, sell their products or services or establish new companies in markets different from their own. We search for local partners, aid in establishing joint ventures and expand market opportunities worldwide. We specialize in Spain and the US and our collaboration with regional partners has allowed us to expand into Latin America and Africa. Our insight and experience with corporate and media relations ensures the effective management of the message and image  best suited to each client's needs. 

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Investment Services and Government Relations

Ruperez International leverages its extensive relationships across industries and its ample regional capability to provide clients with exclusive investment opportunities in a variety of sectors. In addition to deal sourcing and capital raising services, we offer transaction negotiation and support for large scale and international projects. Our decades of experience with governments at the municipal, state and federal levels in multiple countries, as well as our knowledge of multilateral political and economic institutions, allow us to counsel our clients and participate in Public Private Partnerships.

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Social Awareness and Client Issues Promotion

Ruperez International is ideally situated to organize and carry out specialized company tours in Washington DC to promote the awareness of client issues among key decision makers in the US capital. Services include identifying appropriate interlocutors and organizing meetings with these leaders in the government, diplomatic, business, arts and culture, and non-governmental sectors as well as with the media and influential think-tanks. This all-inclusive management includes logistical planning and interpretation assistance.